Accessing EVE Vanguard (Comprehensive Guide)

Install EVE Vanguard

Create an account

Get game time

Launch The Game

Create A Character

Join A Squad

Select The Region

You're Ready For Deployment

You'll Need The EVE Launcher To Install EVE Vanguard

Go to the EVE Vanguard page and click “Download” to download the Launcher.

image (5).png

You can find the setup file location in your “Recent Download History”.

Or under Downloads in your “File Explorer”.

Double-click the file to run the installation.

Select EVE Vanguard to begin the installation.
Installation screen.png

Select where you want the game to be installed or leave the default pathing and click “install”.

Installation folder.png

Ensure you have enough disk space then click install.

installation confirmation.png

Once the installation finishes you'll get Easy Anti-Cheat Service & UE Prerequisite pop-ups requesting permission to make changes. Make sure to click "Yes" on these.


Make sure to click "accept" on the EULA pop-up.


You will need to create an account to access EVE Vanguard.

Now enter the email address that you wish your account to be associated with and then click next.

Launcher create account.png

Create the username and password for your new account and then press Start Playing for Free

Launcher username and password.png

To access EVE Vanguard you will need to have Gametime on your account.

To buy Gametime click on "Upgrade to omega". This will open the New Eden Store in your browser.


Select the option you would like to purchase and complete upgrading your account to Omega.

Store page.png

Click on add character or if you have an EVE Vanguard character already, click your EVE Vanguard Character.

It's Time To Get Boots On The Ground

Make sure your EVE Vanguard Character is selected and click “Play Now” to launch EVE Vanguard.


Now You Can Create Your Character

Choose a character name:

Then click "generate":

With your character created you can click enter:


Get Your Squad Going

You can invite a squadmate by clicking "invite"

The search window will open and you can type in your squadmate's name.

Click the plus icon next to their name to add them to your squad.


If you wish to play on your own you can just "click" ready.


Make Sure You're Playing In The Correct Region

If your squadmate shows as offline, make sure to check that you're in the same Region in the Game Settings.


Get Ready And Deploy

With everyone in your squad, all that remains is to click that "Ready" button.

When everyone has confirmed they're ready the matchmaking will start.

Good luck, Capsuleer, and have fun!

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