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Who can access the EVE Vanguard Playtest Events?

  • Players with an active EVE Online account can access EVE Vanguard anytime during a playtest or event.

What is EVE Vanguard's Founders Access?

  • Founders' Access for EVE Vanguard enables the community to join us early in the sci-fi sandbox shooter development journey, help build the experience that they want to play, and receive special rewards or recognition as a thank you.
  • EVE Vanguard’s Founders' Access will have multiple phases. The first phase is focused on providing EVE Online Omega players with access to regularly scheduled limited-time live events as part of their premium subscription.
  • In this first phase, not only will EVE Omega players be offered hands-on access to EVE Vanguard and the opportunity to try out new features for the first time as they come online, but they will also be able to impact the ongoing conflict in EVE Online from the ground through corruption, and suppression, on the frontlines of New Eden.
  • By offering Founders' Access to EVE Vanguard as an added benefit to EVE’s Omega players, we give them a direct voice into the development of EVE Vanguard while it’s still early in development and enable them to help shape the direction we take our sci-fi sandbox shooter for EVE Online.

I do not have an active EVE Online Omega account, how can I access EVE Vanguard?

  • EVE Vanguard is currently restricted to players with an active EVE Online Omega account
  • There are several options available for players who do not currently have an active EVE Online Omega account and feel ready to go boots-on-the-ground in New Eden, namely:
    • Purchase one of the single purchase starter packs, all of which include Omega along with a range of other benefits.
    • Purchase Omega using PLEX. 30 days Omega cost 500 PLEX.
    • Purchase a Warclone Omega Bundle (available in both the EVE Online store and the New Eden Store) which includes 14 days Omega includes exclusive and tradable ship skins.

What is the Warclone Omega bundle?

The Warclone Omega bundle includes Omega time and other items. Purchasing this bundle enables you to access EVE Vanguard without having to purchase a longer subscription, and allows players to purchase multiple times should they want to access multiple First Strike playtest events.


I don't see Vanguard in the EVE Launcher

Check whether you are using the latest EVE Launcher. Vanguard is only available on the latest launcher versions 1.3.6.

You can download the latest launcher by following this link: 

Once you have downloaded the latest launcher you should be able to see EVE Vanguard.


My account is Alpha and I cannot start Vanguard

Vanguard is only available to play for players with an active EVE Online Omega account. If you already have an EVE Online account you can log in and upgrade it to Omega by following this link: 

If you do not yet have an EVE Online account, you can create one for free and then upgrade it to Omega:

If you recently upgraded your account to Omega but it still shows as Alpha in the launcher then try re-adding your account to the launcher. 


My Vanguard download starts, stops, and starts again

If your Vanguard download is stuck or appears to be in a loop, try force-quitting the EVE Launcher from Task Manager. Once the Launcher has been restarted the Vanguard download should begin again and complete normally.

If the issue persists restart your computer and open the EVE Launcher again to allow the download to begin.

If the problem continues then you may need to add the following web site as an exceptions in your security applications.


I can see Vanguard but it won't launch

Make sure you are running the Latest Version of Windows 10 (At least v21H2/19044) and have at least the Minimum Specifications required to play EVE Vanguard.

Then in the Launcher settings, click Verify Game Files > Download Full Game Client > Check for Game Update.

Once the full game client has been downloaded and updated Vanguard should be able to launch


Intel Graphics Cards and Vanguard

Intel Graphics card support for Vanguard is incomplete and you may experience some issues when attempting to launch or play the game with Intel Arc GPUs.


Intel CPUs and Vanguard

There is a known issue with Intel’s 13th and 14th generation CPUs when combined with some motherboards which have unsafe default power settings causing the CPUs to fault under certain loads.

This is something that is impacting most recent Unreal Engine games (you can find these reports via a Google search), including EVE Vanguard. If you have a 13th or 14th-generation Intel CPU (e.g. 13900, 13700, 14900, 14700) and you are getting frequent crashes when playing games or stress-intensive software such as Cinebench or Prime95, then please read the statement from Epic Games / RAD Game Tools here.

CCP accepts no responsibility for any issues or damage caused by changing your BIOS settings, this is all done at your own risk however, we hope these solutions improve the stability of your platform.


I encountered a gameplay bug in Vanguard

Any bugs you encounter while playing Vanguard may be reported through the EVE Launcher by opening the Settings menu and clicking "Report a Bug".


I'm trying to form a squad with a friend, but they are not appearing as online despite being in-game.

Make sure that both of you are playing in the same region. See this help center article on how to change regions.


Operating System Support

For this instance of the EVE Vanguard First Strike playtest the only supported operating systems are Windows 10 / 11 64-bit. 


Uninstalling Vanguard

You can find it in the settings under "Tools/Cache"



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